Ordinary members as well as members of the management of SoWiBeFo have been commissioned to scientifically supervise the following pilot projects (research and development projects for vocational training, commissioned bz the BMBF (German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) on vocational education, providing soci-scientific guidance and carrying out formative and summative evaluation of the following projects:

  • Bildungsmarketing und neue Technologien in KMU (Educational Marketing and New Technologies in SMEs)
  • Computergestütztes arbeitsplatznahes Lernen mit An- und Ungelernten (Implementing the integration of learning and working in the enterprise, applying CBT)
  • Reintegration älterer Arbeitnehmer in moderne Formen der Arbeitsorganisation (Integrating older workers in modern working environments)
  • Qualitätssicherung in der Weiterbildung (Quality assurance for vocational training)
  • Qualifizierungskonzepte für die Gruppenarbeit (Qualification concepts for group work)
  • Lernortkooperation Berufsschule-Betrieb (Innovative ways of cooperation between SMEs and training institutions)
  • Selbstevaluation als zentrales Moment der Realisierung von Lernenden Organisationen und lebenslangem Lernen, "Selbständig lernen im Betrieb" (Self-evaluation of work-integrated learning, Independent Learning in the Workplace)
  • Nachqualifizierung von Un- und Angelernten im Betrieb (Requalification of unskilled and semi-skilled workers in the company)
  • Modulares ausbildungsbegleitendes Qualifizierungskonzept für Ausbildungspersonal in KMU zur Umsetzung im Ausbildungs- und Berufsfeld Mechatroniker (QUAM-Qualification of Training Staff in the Field of Mechatronics)
  • Flexible und individuelle Lernformen in der Personalentwicklung (FILIP-Flexible and individualised pathways of learning for personnel development)
  • Kompetenzentwicklungsplanung durch strategische Ausbildung (KOMPLAN-Competency development planning through strategic training)


Further projects on a national scale:

  • Innovation guidance for the project "Wissensmanagement und Produktentwicklung" (Knowledge Management and Product Development) In the framework of the BMBF Programme "Lernkultur Kompetenzentwicklung" (Learning culture-Competency Development).
  • Landkreis Schwandorf - fit für die Zukunft (Schwandorf Region - Fit for the Future)
  • Programme evaluation for Lokalen Beschäftigungsstrategien und Innovation (Local Employment Strategies and Innovation)
  • International monitoring for the sub-project "Lernen im sozialen Umfeld" (Learning in a Social Environment)
  • Scientific guidance and evaluation of EQUAL-Development partnerships

Further information about these projects can be found at ISOB (www.isob-regensburg.net)


BIBB – Pilot project bevoplus - On the job training and practical vocational preparation -  utilising training potential for SMEs in Eastern Bavaria:

Promotion of heterogeneous target groups of young people entering the dual system.

bevoplus is a pilot project which is funded by the BIBB and the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) which has its main focus on “New paths into the dual system – heterogeneity: the chance to stop the brain drain”

Innovation in the Sensor Technology Industry by Balancing Stability and Flexibility. Strategic compentence development through networked personnel development in the Cluster 'Sensoric Technology Regensburg'.


INNOinSENS - Innovation in the Sensor Technology Industry by Balancing Stability and Flexibility. This project works towards strategic competency development in SMEs through networked personnel development in the cluster 'Sensoric Technology Regensburg' by strengthening the cultures of innovation and trust.

Visit the project homepage (in German) at http://www.sensorik-bayern.de/democlust


Joint project DEMOCLUST

Regional, demographically-orientated HR management in high-tech industry – a new service of cluster management: to attain experts, secure chances of employment and promote innovation.

Demographic change to society harbours a high potential for growth of the entire economy, which can be instantiated in companies through a demographically orientated human resources development and organisational structure.