Innovation in the Sensor Technology Industry by Balancing Stability and Flexibility. Strategic compentence development through networked personnel development in the Cluster 'Sensoric Technology Regensburg'.


INNOinSENS - Innovation in the Sensor Technology Industry by Balancing Stability and Flexibility. This project works towards strategic competency development in SMEs through networked personnel development in the cluster 'Sensoric Technology Regensburg' by strengthening the cultures of innovation and trust.


Between 1.8.2009 and 30.4.2013, the joint project INNOinSENS will be implemented as a part of the BMBF (German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) programme “Working - learning - developing competencies; Capacity for Innovation in the modern world of Work”. The joint project has a total of 6 partners,  under the coordination of Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik (Strategic partnership of Sensorics) e.V in Regensburg.

The Research and development network INNOinSENS is funded by the BMBF as well as the European Social Fund. The implementation and guidance is led by the responsible body, located in the German Aerospace Centre, in the Department for workplace development and services, courtesy of Ms Gudrun Aulerich.

SoWiBeFo e.V. is one of the project partners of INNOinSENS, and is carrying out the sub-project “formative, responsive socio-scientific guidance”.

Socio-scientific management representative: Gabriele Marchl

Contact: Alexander Krauss This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Main aim of the joint project INNOinSENS is as follows:

The development of an innovation culture based on trust and guided socio-scientifically, in the Sensorics Cluster as a strategy for sustainable recruitment and securing employees, such as engineers and technicians.

A transferable pilot model is the focus of the research and testing, for a pool of skilled workers with an innovative service performance profile. In the framework of a strategically-networked, future-orientated human resource development strategy, to provide (particularly, but not only) SMEs in the sensorics sector with reliable support in all phases of their vocational biographies. In this fashion, they should find a modularly-structured proposition for development of technical, managerial, methodical and human resource innovation competencies, tailored to each company and each individual, also including the use of coaching measures. This Sensorics skilled worker pool concept features the new orientation around the “Flexicurity Principle”.

In order to achieve these aims for innovation, the research and development network INNOinSENS implements integrated action research. In cooperation with network, value and programme partners, relevant findings are compiled, not only for the implementation of INNOinSENS, but also to close research gaps in the focal point “balance of flexibility and stability in a changing world of work” in the programme “Working - learning - developing competencies”. Capacity for innovation in the modern world of work”

In focus are the following points:

  • Risk and success factors in innovation processes of the sensorics cluster;
  • conditions, possibilities and practicable methods for branch-specific balance between flexibility and stability;
  • critical processes of building trust between heterogeneous clustor actors;
  • challenges to innovative methods for development of competency of innovation and cultures of trust in the field of hi-tech sensorics;
  • specific as well as general characteristics of functional cultures of trust (best practice) in the fields of innovation.

INNOinSENS network partners and their sub-projects:

  • SPS e.V. Regensburg
    General coordination of the network in sub-project 1: requirement-orientated professionalisation of the pool of skilled workers in the sensorics cluster.
  • SoWiBeFo e.V. Regensburg
    Sub-project 2: Formative responsive socio-scientific guidance.
  • Eastern Bavarian institute for Technology Transfer (OTTI e.V.), Regensburg
    Sub-project 3: Qualification of methodological innovation competency
  • IFP – Society for Further Education and Human Resource Development mbH, Regensburg
    Sub-project 4: Individual self-regulation and decision-making competency, and competency throughout the process of change, for innovative sensorics experts.
  • MicroEpsilon Measurement Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Orthenburg,
    Sub-project 5: InnoCULT
  • Gefasoft Automation and Software GmbH, Regensburg
    Sub Project 6: ResourcesNetworking

In establishing this partner constellation, the joint project INNOinSENS creates a high density network. As one of the multi-actor partnerships in the regional network of education services in the region of Regensburg (OTTI e.V., IFP GmbH), cluster management (SPS e.V.), action researchers (SoWiBeFo e.V.) and practitioners from Sensorics SMEs as well as other value partners (among others, experts from the polytechnic university, Infineon Technologies AG, Siemens AG, Continental Corporation GmbH), the confluence of diversified expertise is created, bringing with it an innovative and valuable network for action-orientated research and development in this field.

Results of SP 2: formative responsive scientific guidance (all links in German)

About „Critical processes of building trust between heterogeneous actors in the cluster“ (all pdfs in German):