International projects

For years, members of SoWiBeFo have been successfully working in the field of development and supervision of international innovation projects for the European Commission sub-programme Art. 6 ESF as well as for Leonardo Da Vinci and Grundtvig

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (COSORE)
  • The Reflective Project Manager
  • Learn and Work
  • The Training Methodology of European Cross-cultural Business Values
  • CompServSME (Competencies Development through Self Learning in Service SME)
  • Self-Organised Learning at the Workplace for SME Hotels (HOTSME)
  • ReSyFac (Reference System for Facilitators)
  • EUFACINET (European Facilitators Network)
  • SocialSME (Sustainability and social responsibility through learning in SME)
  • SKRAT (Startegies of know-how retention and transfer)
  • KEYCOMKIT (Key Competencies for facing Life Long Learning)

Further Information about these projects is available on the homepage of ISOB GmbH (Institute for Socio-scientific Consultancy)