As part of the CoDiCLUST project, the now established DiaLogisch Practice Meeting of the Strategic Partnership Sensorik took place on 29 November 2018 in the TechBase, this time on the subject of “Digital Learning Journeys”.

The SoWiBeFo team also took an active part in the event and was available to everyone interested as contact persons for the CoDiCLUST project.

Keynote speeches on good practice models were given by speakers from DB Training and the Nachwuchsstiftung Machinenbau (Young Talent Foundation for Mechanical Engineering). From the point of view of SoWiBeFo, the speakers presented good practice that exemplifies many of the elements of innovative VET that have been developed in the last 15 years in VET research at the BMBF and the BIBB. The motto of the speakers was “From thinking in documents to thinking in information” and they took up concepts such as learning and work tasks, work-integrated, cooperative and mobile learning. The presented models were also based on concepts such as “situated learning” in “knowledge communities”. SoWiBeFo will explain these basic concepts i.a. in detail in the training of “Lotsen für digitales lernen” (“pilots for digital learning”).

A German press release from Clustermanagement Sensorik of the Strategic Partnership Sensorik e. V. can be found here.