Coaches for Digital Learning in Clusters: New project supports businesses discover the potential of digital learning and put it to use in workplace trainings

In today’s world, the approach to continuing education and training is changing as the traditional model of classroom learning is becoming obsolete. Modern learning is no longer just reading textbooks, memorizing concepts, listening to lectures and presentations, etc. Now learning and working increasingly blend together as on-the-job training enables workers to actually use the information they learn directly on the job. Linked with this is the changing nature of technology, which has made the use of digital learning for further training and education in the workplace beneficial.

For this project, employees responsible for further training and education programs in companies in the Sensorik network will be trained in how they can adapt digital learning to their specific programs and for their employees to use on a daily basis. In the CoDiCLUST project, experts in the field, “Coaches for Digital Learning,” will demonstrate which approaches and media have already proven to be effective. Together with the participants, “Roadmaps for Digital Learning” will be developed, which will be adapted to fit the unique needs of each company. This will be carried out in a six-day seminar, making it possible for companies to train employees to become “pilots for digital learning” and qualify them to apply digital learning in future company further training and education programs.

The goals of the project at a glance:

  • to motivate companies in the Sensorik network to take advantage of digital learning materials;
  • to develop strategies specific to the individual company and employee needs in workshops: “Roadmaps for Digital Learning;”
  • to advise and accompany businesses in discovering the potential of digital learning in the workplace and helping them use it and make it a permanent part of their company further education programs;
  • to offer new possibilities for professional qualification and personal development through the seminar “Pilots for Digital Learning,” which gives employees the skills to use and shape digital learning materials to their company’s needs and at the same time also allows companies to provide their employees a worthwhile opportunity to expand their own knowledge;
  • to encourage company-wide learning motivation in the “Pilots for Digital Learning” through the community challenge “DigiTALER;”
  • to encourage companies to participate in the program by naming them as examples of best practices, which will thereby increase awareness about the company.

For this project, the Association for Socio-Scientific Consultancy and Research (SoWiBeFo) has partnered with the Strategische Partnership Sensorik e.V. (SPS), the University of Regensburg Computer Center and the University of Regensburg Professorship for Visual Media. In the project, SoWiBeFo, which has more than 20 years of experience in the field of vocational education and training, will be responsible for consultancy on integrating work and training, quality assurance through evaluations, assisting with the development of the overall concept behind the project, supporting the preparation of learning material and disseminating the results of the project to relevant specialists in the field.

The cluster of the sensor technology industry includes 80 companies and 200 other partners. The project is part of an overall program “Networks for the Transfer of Digital Learning” by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The project is supported by a funding of EUR 1.3 million.

For more information, please contact:

Alexander Krauß

Chairperson SoWiBeFo e.V./CEO ISOB GmbH