Digital Learning Camp für Auszubildende (DiLeCa)

Funding informations

Project duration: 09/2021 – 02/2022

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Project concept

Initial situation

Interest in and need for digitalisation of learning media have not only increased noticeably in companies in recent times. There is also a willingness to break new ground, i.e. away from traditional training concepts. In company practice, however, there is often a lack of human or financial resources to develop new strategies or ideas for the concrete implementation of digital concepts in training.

Target groups and their benefits

The Azubi Camp project is aimed at trainees and those responsible for training. They are to be sensitised to the importance of the topic of "learning with digital media", motivated and enabled to realise their own learning projects in the company.

Project goal

The aim of the Azubi Camp project is for apprentices to act as a motor for increased integration of digital learning in the company and to become designers of their own learning process. In this way, we want to make trainees fit for the labour market and increase their employability.

Role of SoWiBeFo

SoWiBeFo leads the needs analysis and the formative-summative evaluation in the project. Furthermore, SoWiBeFo advises and participates in the content design of the event.

Products and publications

  • Development, organisation and evaluation of a virtual trainee camp on the topic of "Learning with digital media"
  • Inter-company exchange of trainers and trainees on the topic of "Learning with digital media"



  • Project network "Coaches für digitales Lernen (CoDiCLUST)": Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. and Verein für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung und Forschung e. V.
  • Project network "Bildung 4.0 für KMU - Wettbewerbsvorsprung im Leichtbau durch Digitales Lernen": University of Augsburg

Website and social media

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