Media Literacy Observatory for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy (MELIA)

Funding informations

Project duration: 07/2020 – 12/2022

Project code number: 657 

Funding guideline: Call 3; Well-governed Danube region; Programme Priority 4; Programme priority specific objective SO 4.1 Improve institutional capacities to tackle major societal challenges

Project concept

Initial situation

Especially in the eastern part of the Danube Region, there is a worrying tendency towards political stagnation and a lack of interest in political events, especially on the part of the younger population. Moreover, political developments in recent years in some Danube countries have led to a decline in democratic values. In order to strengthen active citizenship and sustainable democratic developments, a high level of media literacy is essential nowadays. On the one hand, media literate citizens are able to reflect on social reality in a self-determined way, and on the other hand, they are able to develop resilience against negative internet phenomena such as hate speech and disinformation.

Target groups and their benefits

The MELIA project is aimed at young people and educational professionals. They are strengthened in their media skills and encouraged to be active and democratic citizens.

Project goal

The MELIA project aims to establish a transnational observatory for media literacy in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe in order to improve transnational democratic governance structures in the long term by involving various relevant stakeholders and, in this way, to curb the influence of negative media phenomena such as hate speech and disinformation. To this end, tools for sensitising and empowering young people and educational professionals are being developed.

Role of SoWiBeFo

SoWiBeFo e.V. is significantly involved in the implementation of a mapping on the state of media literacy in the Danube countries, the creation of training materials on the topic of media literacy and the development of the transnational further education network for media literacy. In addition, SoWiBeFo e.V. will hold a workshop on media literacy in a local lower secondary school at the end of 2022.

Products and publications

  • Carrying out a comparative study to determine media literacy in the Danube region by interviewing relevant stakeholders, evaluating policy documents and best practices
  • Development of needs-oriented strategic guidelines for media literacy strengthening
  • Development of a web-based interface as a knowledge database and as a tool for reviewing media content
  • Establishment of a transnational further education network for media literacy and development of training materials on the subject of media literacy for lower secondary school pupils and vocational school pupils and for pedagogical specialists
  • Conducting workshops on the topic of media literacy in lower secondary schools, vocational schools and for educational professionals



  • Slovenia (project coordination): School of Advanced Social Studies 
  • Slovenia: Faculty of Media
  • Romania: Babeș-Bolyai University, Association Centre for Public Innovation
  • Czech Republic: Edhance+, Metropolitan University Prague
  • Bulgaria: Research Centre “Regional and Global Development”
  • Croatia: Algebra University College, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Presscut 
  • Hungary: Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pannon Business Network Association
  • Montenegro: University of Montenegro
  • Serbia: Petrovaradin Media
  • Ukraine: Executive Committee of Uzhgorod City Council
  • Germany: Verein für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung und Forschung e. V.

Associated Partners

  • Belgium: International Association for Media Education 
  • Great Britain: The University of Sheffield
  • Finland: The Finnish Society on Media Education
  • Austria: The City of Vienna/EU Funding Agency
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ministry for Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo, International business-informational academy (IPIA)
  • Croatia: Croatian Journalists and Publicists (HNiP)

Website and social media

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